Dutch neighbors mostly quarrel over loud music

Dutch police at a crime scene (Stock Photo: Politie)Dutch police at a crime scene (Stock Photo: Politie)

The saying goes that good fences make good neighbors, but it seems that not even the best of fences can keep out loud music - the number one reason for fights between neighbors in the Netherlands, according to a study done by the Legal Assistance Information Center, Metro Nieuws reports.

According to the study, about a quarter of Dutch fought with their neighbor at least once. In more than half of the cases, loud music was the cause of the argument. Neighbor children comes in second place with 19 percent, and renovations takes third with 11 percent.

Other popular reasons to quarrel with your neighbor include overhanging plants, pets and smoking barbecue.

The researchers also found a link between the number of fights and neighbors' proximity to each other - the closer together you are, the more you fight. Zuid-Holland is both the most densely populated province and the province with the most neighborly quarrels. Noord-Holland follows in a close second place.