Arrested Pokemon Go player pressing assault charges

A 31-year-old Tilburg man who was arrested for a burglar while playing Pokemon Go early on Sunday, is pressing assault charges against the men who detained him, he said to Omroep Brabant.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, was walking home from a friend in his hometown around 00:30 a.m. on Sunday. On the way he decided to catch some Pokemon. While he was doing this, two men on a scooter approached him.

"They acted nervous and told me they were looking for a burglar. Then they turned around and came after me with a big group", he told the broadcaster. "Then it suddenly became annoying. I had to show who I called last on my phone. They beat and kicked me, held me down and dragged me. Even When I was on the ground, they kept kicking. I got a kick against my teet, so my teeth are ruined."

According to the Tilburg man, the group around him kept growing. One threatened to go get a crowbar, but someone else said they called the police. "At first I thought, this is my salvation, because if it was up to the local people, no one would come to help me."

But the police arrested him and put him in a cell. He was only released the following day, because he completely did not match the description of the burglar. "What I find worst of all is that I as victim was in custody for about 15 hours before my innocence was proved, while all of them were still free", he said to the broadcaster. "They live with me in the neighborhood and I also want to be able to simply walk down the street in the future."

He is therefore pressing charges against his attackers. "This can't go unpunished. They beat me black and blue. I have bruised ribs left over. Had to go to the oral surgeon, the hospital, the dentist."


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