Dutch mosques condemn Nice Attack; perpetrator identified

El Nour Mosque in Gouda (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Afhaalchinees)El Nour Mosque in Gouda (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Afhaalchinees)

The council for Moroccan mosques in the Netherlands RMMN released a statement condemning the terrorist attack in Nice, France on Thursday night. The council calls on its members and all mosques to dedicate a prayer to the victims and their families during Friday prayers, Het Parool reports.

"With sadness we took note of the terrible attack in Nice, driven by hatred of innocent people and humanity. We have intense sympathy for the victims and survivors", the RMMN said in reaction to Het Parool. "We call on our members and mosques today to stand still during Friday prayers at this tragedy in solidarity with the French, so that peace, love and human dignity may overcome."

At least 84 people, including children, were killed when a truck crashed into a crowded boulevard shortly after a firework show on Thursday night. Hundreds are injured, 18 are in critical condition. About 50 children are in the hospital. The attacker was killed by French counterterrorism units.

The perpetrator was identified as Mohammed Bouhel, a 31-year-old Tunisian wit a French residency permit, the Volkskrant reports. He was a truck driver who lived in Nice. He had a criminal record for crimes including violence and theft, but no priors in terrorism. His home is being searched on Friday.