Hague cop leaked info to cannabis thieves

new police uniform 1
New Dutch police uniforms feature a broad yellow stripe (photo: Politie)New Dutch police uniforms feature a broad yellow stripe (photo: Politie)

The Hague police officer arrested in June for leaking confidential police information, leaked information about cannabis plantations to cannabis thieves, the Public Prosecutor revealed on Thursday. The 28-year-old cop is suspected of corruption, violating professional secrecy, complicity in burglaries and participation in a criminal investigation.

According to the Prosecutor, the suspected cop searched police systems for reports of cannabis plantations. He then gave this information through to a second suspect in this case - a 27-year-old man from The Hague who was arrested on June 1st along with the cop - who would go to the address as quickly as possible and steal the cannabis there. This means that the cannabis was gone by the time the police arrived.

The suspected police officer was remanded back into custody for another 60 days. The 27-year-old from The Hague is also still in custody, along with two other suspects - two men from Leidschendam aged 27 and 29 years. A 25-year-old woman from Moordrecht was also arrested along with the cop on June 1st. She's been released from custody, but is still a suspect.

The investigation is still ongoing. The prosecutor believes the suspects will remain in custody until a pro-forma hearing of this case in the court in The Hague on September 9th.