Missing Amsterdam man was kidnapped: Police

Soufyan Essabaouni, abducted in Amsterdam on 7 July 2016. (Soufyan Essabaouni, abducted in Amsterdam on 7 July 2016 (Photo: Politie))

Soufyan Essabaouni, missing from Amsterdam since Thursday July 7th, was likely kidnapped, according to the police. The police also believes that his kidnapping is connected to another abduction - that of Wendel Meijer in Zaandam on Tuesday. The 21 year old Soufyan was last seen shortly after midnight on Thursday, July 7th, in a parking lot in Zwanenburg. He was in a black Audi A1. According to the police, surveillance camera footage shows another car, a white Seat Leon, forcing Soufyan's Audi off the road. He managed to get out of the car and flee, with his attackers firing shots at him. It is unclear whether he was hit. From that moment on, there is no trace of Soufyan.

The police believe that Soufyan was kidnapped, like 36-year-old Wendel Meijer from Landsmeer. Meijer left his company on Sluispolderweg in Zaandam on Tuesday evening. Surveillance camera footage shows at least three men waiting for him and forcing him into a white Audi A4 station wagon. His partner reported him missing on Wednesday. During the early hours of Sunday morning, a burnt out Audi A4 station wagon was found in Lelystad. The police believe this was the vehicle used in Wendel's abduction. Investigators are looking into a possible link between these two disappearances. The police call on anyone with information regarding these two cases to contact them at once.