Amsterdam police warn of Pokemon Go dangers

A wild Jigglypuff appears on Pokemon Go . (A wild Jigglypuff appears on Pokemon Go (Photo:@blackic/Twitter))

The Amsterdam police are concerned about dangerous situations that can be caused with the already very popular mobile game Pokemon Go. 

Pokemon Go was released last week. Using a camera phone, players can find and catch Pokemon in their surroundings and out on the streets.

"In Australia and America, police stations were flooded with people who wanted to catch a Pokemon that was placed in the station.", the Amsterdam Noord police write, according to RTV  Noord-Holland. "The vast majority of people come to the police station with a request for help. We want to help these people as much as possible without distraction."

But that is not even the most serious consequence, the Amsterdam police warn. "Various accidents happened because of people so busy playing the game that they do not look when they cross the street", the police write. "Be aware of each other, and if you are questioned about what you are doing, even if this happens hundreds of times a day, stay polite and explain."