Wilders calls for Nexit referendum

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PVV leader Geert Wilders thinks that the Netherlands should follow Britain's example and hold a referendum on whether or not to stay in the European Union. He feels that should a Brexit indeed happen, the Netherlands should be the next country to take that step, the PVV leader said to BNR.

Wilders referred to a recent poll by EenVandaag which revealed that 54 percent of Dutch want a Nexit referendum. "We are about the only party that would welcome that. That says something about the representatives of parliament", he said to BNR. "I previously called it a patriotic spring. The rediscovery of the national identity, the nation where people get back in control of their own identity, borders and immigration."

The PVV leader admits that the first few years after a Nexit will be economically tough on the Netherlands. "it will generate money again after two or three years. We no longer have to pay four or five billion euros to Brussels per year", he said.