Larvae removed from celeb vet Freek Vonk’s leg

Freek Vonk (Photo: Freek Vonk/. (Freek Vonk (Photo: Freek Vonk/Facebook))

Celebrity veterinarian Freek Vonk underwent what he calls a "cesarean section" in an Amsterdam hospital on Monday to remove three larvae from his leg. "It was a bloody operation, but daddy is doing very well", he writes on his Facebook page.

"Knabble and Babbel came into this world via a cesarean section at 11:35 n the OLVG Amsterdam this morning. They were very deep", Vonk writes. "Yesterday I incidentally discovered another crazy lump on my shin that itched and itched! There we just forced out a third maggot, let's call it Schnabbel for convenience. This one came out quite easily and was probably not in there as long as his brothers."

Last week Vonk announced that the larvae was his living souvenir from his last trip to Belize. He discovered the two unexpected guests in his body when he came home. According to him, the maggots came from a botfly which laid eggs on his left leg.

Photos of the larvae being removed can be seen on Vonk's .