No Surrender boss arrested in drug investigation

A 36-year-old man from Tilburg was arrested on Monday in one of the biggest investigations into organized drug crime in Zuid-Nederland. The man in question is Corin D., president of the Tilburg chapter of motorcycle gang No Surrender, Omroep Brabant reports based on information from "a reliable source".

D. was arraigned on Friday and remanded back into custody for at least two more weeks. He is suspected of participating in a criminal organization.

According to the broadcaster, D. was regularly seen at party rental company Party King, which the authorities believe was used as a meeting place for different drug criminals.

This investigation is known as one of the biggest drug raids ever in the Netherlands. In one day over 1,500 people working at the police, Defense, Public Prosecutor and the Tax Authorities raided over a hundred locations in Brabant and Limburg and arrested 55 suspects. The operation gave the authorities more insight into the criminal networks running in the southern part of the Netherlands.

Preceding the raids was a 2.5 year long investigation into the production and trade of amphetamine. According to the authorities, dozens of suspects gathered at Party King in best to make deals on trading and producing synthetic drugs. The meeting place was bugged ad monitored by the police. Over the past years about 700 people visited the store - the police is investigating each one of them to find out who is guilty of criminal offenses.

This is not the first time over this past year that No Surrender made the news with one of their members being arrested. Earlier this year another No Surrender captain Tjeu N. was arrested for involvement in a failed attempt to smuggle 1,200 kilos of cocaine. Some time later a large raid ended in the arrest of the biker gang's now-resigned founder Klaas Otto. He is suspected of money laundering.