Food prices relatively cheap in Netherlands

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Buying food is relatively cheap in the Netherlands, where prices are about 2 percent lower than the average in the European Union, according to figures Statistics Netherlands and Eurostat released on Wednesday. Food prices in our neighboring countries are all higher than the EU average.

Grain products and dairy are particularly cheap on the Dutch market - 10 percent and 7 percent lower than the EU average respectively. Meat on the other hand is 11 percent more expensive than the EU average.

In Germany food prices are 3 percent higher than average. Belgium and France are 8 and 9 percent more expensive respectively and Great Britain is 11 percent more expensive than the EU average.

People living in the east and south of Europe pay least for their food. Poland has the cheapest food in the EU, with prices 37 percent below average, followed by Romania with 36 percent. Food is most expensive in Denmark at 45 percent above average.

Food is even more expensive in Switzerland and Norway, but these two countries do not form part of the EU.