Man seriously injured in failed train stunt

A man was seriously injured in Eindhoven on Sunday after presumably trying to jump onto a  moving train. The man was found wounded on the tracks around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, according to the Eindhoven police on Twitter.  He was rushed to the hospital.

The circumstances surrounding how the man ended up in that condition were initially unclear. But the police investigation revealed that the most likely scenario is that he tried to jump onto a moving train. There is no evidence that he was pushed onto the tracks.

"The police watched the video footage", a police spokesperson said to broadcaster NOS. "The footage showed that the man tried to jump onto a slow-moving train. That did not work and he fell on the track. There were no other people involved in the fall. He was not pushed."

Last week public transport company Veolia pressed charges against a Brabant video blogger for jumping on a moving train with a friend to catch a free ride to the next station. It is unclear whether the man in Eindhoven wanted to try something similar.