Public transit company to press charges against train-surfing vlogger

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Public transport company Veolia is pressing charges against video blogger (or vlogger) Willem Vink, who recently posted a video of himself and a friend jumping onto the roof of a train to travel between the stations Nijmegen Heyendaal and Mook-Molenhoek on the Maas-line, NOS reports.

Veolia, one of the companies that use the line, is furious, calling the two boys' actions incredibly irresponsible. "It's not just about their safety, but also that of others", spokesperson Nicky Jansen said to the broadcaster. "How can you be so stupid."

The company plans to press charges against 18-year-old Vink and his friend. According to Jansen, Article 164 of the Criminal Code states that a person who intentionally causes danger to rail traffic can be sentenced to 15 years in prison or face a hefty fine.