Nyenrode director suspended on sexual misconduct complaint

Nyenrode Business University in Amsterdam (Photo: Pvt pauline/Wikimedia Commons). (Nyenrode Business University in Amsterdam (Photo: Pvt pauline/Wikimedia Commons))

Nyenrode Business University is investigating the conduct of director Anton Busselman after the Amsterdam branch of the private university complained about his behavior during a recent study tour to China, NRC reports based on the complaint which the paper has in its possession. Busselman decided to step down indefinitely due to this investigation. 

According to the letter the Amsterdam branch - Nyenrode New Business School (NNBS) - sent to the university, Busselman made sexual advances to "some students" during a second-year student trip to Cina a few weeks ago. He and two named colleagues of the Amsterdam branch "frequently" drank to much, to the point that one of them "repeatedly threw up in a public space". The letter also states that Busselman invited "young women" to spend the night with him.

The letter is signed by six NNBS employees, including three lecturers and the chairman of the exam committee.

Busselman was appointed NNBS director in February last year. According to NRC, the private university informed lecturers about the suspension and investigations and parents and students will also be informed. The investigation will take about two months.