Prison time sought in Leeuwarden bottle-murder


The Public Prosecutor demanded six years in prison and institutionalized psychiatric treatment against Udo D., who is accused of beating a woman to death with a bottle and stabbing a prostitute in Leeuwarden last year, ANP reports.

The Public Prosecutor charged the man with murder and attempted murder, but in court on Tuesday the prosecution lowered these charges to manslaughter and attempted manslaughter. According to the prosecutor, there is no evidence that the D. planned to kill both women. D. was previously also charged with attempted robbery, but those charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

D. refused to make a statement on his role in the deadly assault of the woman. But the prosecutor believes there is enough evidence to convict him for this. DNA of the deceased victim was found on his pants. There is surveillance camera footage showing him carrying a bottle like the murder weapon. And descriptions witnesses gave of the woman's attacker matches his appearance.

The prosecutor also expressed her disgust at these attacks, saying that D. has no respect for life and that what was done to the deceased woman was 'truly beastly'.

D.'s lawyer Esther van der Zee claims that her client is completely insane and that only psychiatric treatment is appropriate in this case, not a prison sentence.


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