Hague cop arrested for leaking information

A 28-year-old police officer in The Hague was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of leaking information from police systems to third parties, the Public Prosecutor announced. The information leaked was not investigation details, according to the prosecutor.

The officer is in custody and he will be questioned in the coming days. The prosecutor suspects him of breaching professional secrecy and corruption. The man's house and workplace were searched.

Two other suspects were also arrested in connection with this investigation. They do not work for the police. All three suspects are in restricted custody and only allowed contact with their lawyers.

Over the past months the police repeatedly made headlines with officers suspected of leaking information. The most well known case is that of Mark M., arrested in October last year on suspicion of leaking information on numerous investigations to criminals in return for payment

Another officer, 52 year old Ton D. from the Oost-Nederland department, is also being investigated for possible information leaks, but on a much larger scale. And a 45 year old officer in Eindhoven was arrested in October on suspicion of breaking his professional secrecy by leaking official information.

Between 2012 and 2014 at least 15 officers were caught leaking information, though not all intentionally.


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