Dutch villagers furious over plan to house male refugees

The residents of Braakstraat in Oss are livid about a plan for three male refugees to move into house on the street this month. They are threatening daily protests through the village's streets if the plan is not changed, Omroep Brabant reports.

Housing association Brabant Wonen and asylum seeker organization Vluchtelingenwerk informed the dozens of area residents about their plan to house these three refugees, all of them Eritrean, in a letter. "They have a difficult journey behind them and lived in uncertainty for a long time. They come from a part of the world that is currently unsafe due to war. Nobody leaves their homes behind for no reason", according to the letter.

The contract for the house will be signed and the keys will be handed over on June 13th. After that the refugees will have two weeks to set up and move in to the house.

In March Oss residents also protested against male refugees moving into the Krinkelhoek neighborhood. Those protests worked and the plans fell through. The residents are now angry that a new plan was made, despite a previous letter from the municipality stating that rentals will be different in the future. "Apparently those turned out to be empty promises because once again there was no communication", one angry resident said to the Omroep Brabant.


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