Fmr. psych patient refuses to talk about bizarre Leeuwarden murder

Udo D. does not want to talk about beating a woman to death with a bottle on a Leeuwarden street last year, he said in a statement to the police that was read in court on Tuesday, ANP reports.

The 39-year-old man is suspected of killing a 68-year-old woman by repeatedly beating her over the head with a bottle and stabbing another woman, a prostitute, in Leeuwarden on October 19th last year. He turned himself in shortly after the murder.

"I did it, but I do not want to talk about it", he said to the police after his arrest. He refused to explain what he meant by this statement. He did not mind telling the police about stabbing a prostitute in Leeuwarden's red light district that same day. He claims he stabbed her in self defense. The victim told the police that he attacked her immediately after the curtains were closed.

In 2015 D. was convicted in another case in which the Public Prosecutor decided to have him forcibly committed. The man challenged this decision successfully and was released. According to the psychiatric institution, there was no longer a legal basis to detain him.


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