Amsterdam criminal threatens revenge worse than beheading

Benaouf A., the believed target of the Staatsliedenbuurt assassinations in 2012, is testifying in the court in Amsterdam on Wednesday. There are concerns that the tensions and violence between the two rival gangs involved in the Amsterdam gang war are set to increase after threats A. made were revealed in court, the Telegraaf reports.

In December 2012 gunmen opened fire in Staatsliedenbuurt, killing two men in their 20's and firing on police officers. A. was also present, but managed to escape with his life by jumping into a canal. He is currently serving a , largely believed to be the assassination that started the gang war. The authorities believe that the Staatsliedenbuurt shooting was in retaliation for the Antwerp assassination.

In court on Monday - the first day of witness questioning in the appeal of the Staatsliedenbuurt case - statements were revealed that A. made to the police. According to the Telegraaf, these statements put both sides of the gang war on edge.

A. stated that he expects revenge from Anouar B., who was for the double Staatsliedenbuurt assassination largely thanks to incriminating testimony A. made against him. A. told the police that he is afraid he and his family will be killed if he testifies in court. He added that should this happen, he will respond with an act of revenge that will be worst than the beheading in Amsterdam in March.

Benaouf A. was referring to the. His severed head was placed in front of shisha lounge Fayrouz on Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam a day after his decapitated body was found in a burning car. According to the Telegraaf, A. and his accomplices are known to use the Fayrouz lounge as a meeting place.

Anouar B.'s lawyer, Rutger Lonterman, can not believe the threat A. made, calling it "really incredible". He also denies A.'s claim that he is being threatened by B.

The question on everyone's mind today is whether A. will actually testify in court. And if he does, whether he will stick by previous testimony made against B. On Monday another witness invoked his right to remain silent. There's a good chance A. will do the same.