Some 50 Rotterdam pupils have to rewrite Dutch exam

Exams (Photo: Narek75/Wikimedia Commons). (Exams (Photo: Narek75/Wikimedia Commons))

About 50 vocational school pupils at Wartburg College in Rotterdam have to rewrite their Dutch exam due to an error on the school's side. The students wrote the exam in Microsoft Word, which has a spell check on it. The education inspectorate therefore declared the exams invalid, the Telegraaf reports.

Wartburg College informed the students by letter. "The exam must be written in a word processor without spell check. During the exam this did not work well and the students ended up in a word processor with spell check. While we noticed this in the exam session, it was too late to fix it", the school said, according to the newspaper. "We are well aware that this is a hard message to get, but the decision of the inspectorate is binding."

The students now have to retake the exam in the second period, on June 21st. A number of students complain that they already booked holidays for that date, which will now have to be postponed.