Foldable electric scooter coming to Dutch market

GiGi foldable electric scooter (Photo: GiGi foldable e-Scooter/Facebook). (GiGi foldable electric scooter (Photo: GiGi foldable e-Scooter/Facebook))

The GiGi, a fully electric scooter that can fold up to be the size of a suitcase, is hitting the Dutch market. According to the manufacturers, the GiGi is the first foldable electric scooter in the world, Aparatus reports.

With a full battery the GiGi can travel at its top speed of 25 kilometers per hour for about an hour. The scooter weighs about 30 kilometers. The scooter's battery charges from empty to full within three hours. And, according to the creators, it is so easy to fold up, it can be done within five seconds.

According to Stijn Enneking, managing director at GiGi, this sustainable scooter is ideal for people who live in a city. The GiGi carries a price tag of 3,995 euros and