Toddler hospitalized after eating ecstasy found on schoolyard

A toddler was hospitalized after eating an ecstasy pill he found in a primary schoolyard in Hoogezand. Doctors believe the boy will be fine, but he will stay in the hospital for 24 hours for observation, according to a letter the school director sent to parents, which is in the possession of broadcaster NOS.

According to the letter, the toddler and some other kids found what appeared to be "colored sweets in a plastic bag" on the schoolyard. The boy ate one of the "sweets", which doctors and police later established was an ecstasy pill.

A teacher saw what happened and immediately called an ambulance and the police. The boy was rushed to the hospital. It is unclear how the drugs made its way to the schoolyard.

In the letter, school director Veronica Stege urges parents to make clear to their kids how important it is never to eat anything they pick up.