Netherlands residents should choose own pension plans says D66

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The D66 wants to change the pension system so that individual workers can chose their pension plans for themselves, instead of the current collective schemes, NOS reports. 

According to D66 parliamentarian Steven van Weyenberg, no one is happy with the current system. "Money is in collective pots and therefore belongs to everyone and o one at the same time. Pensioners are rightly angry that their pension is less than promised, while workers wonder whether they'll later get sufficient return from the premium they put in", he said to the newspaper.

The party does want to keep some things the same, including that the premiums are invested collectively and that workers remain obligated to participate in a pension fund. But the party wants personal pension pots, for each member of the fund. And employees should be able to choose what pension fund they join.

On Friday the Social Economic Council is presenting a study on pension reform.