Video: Man roughly thrown out of Rijksmuseum

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Video footage of Rijksmuseum security staff throwing a young man out of the museum was posted on social media this weekend. The video shows the man lying motionless on the ground, with security staff standing around him. No one checked that he was okay.

The footage was filmed and posted by journalist Bert Brussen. He was walking by when the young man was thrown out, RTL Nieuws reports. After lying on the ground for over a minute, the man scrambles up and walks away.

The Rijksmuseum released a statement saying that the man involved was a disturbed young man with no fixed abode. He was acting strangely and could not be reasoned with. According to the museum, security staff asked whether they could escort him out. The man agreed, but put up a fight at the entrance, resulting in the employees having to "force him out of the door". He fell to the ground and started screaming.

The museum denies that the man fell unconscious and believes that the security staff "correctly assessed the man's condition".

According to Bert Brussen, this statement is "for the most part a lie", he said to RTL Nieuws. According to him, the man did not fall, but was thrown hard-handedly to the ground."A security guard fell with him to the ground and pushed him. Then he began to scream and a moment later he fell suddenly quiet. Drool came from his mouth." Brussen approached to see if the young man was alright. "None of the security guards checked if he was okay, how can you say that you assessed it correctly?"