Amsterdammers unsure about asylum seekers housed in prison

Bijlmerbajes prison in Amsterdam (Photo: Janericloebe / Wikimedia Commons). (Bijlmerbajes prison in Amsterdam (Photo: Janericloebe / Wikimedia Commons))

Amsterdam residents have mixed feelings about the municipality and COA's plan to turn the Bijlmerbajes prison complex into a

The plan is to convert the prison on Wenkebachweg and the former ALO building on Willinklaan into a place to house 1,000 asylum seekers for about 1.5 years.

"Nothing wrong with that" one resident said to local broadcaster AT5. Another is glad that the building will be used for something useful. "I think it is a good idea. Now there are only prisoners in there, not the most  beautiful view. I think that it could be used for something more useful."

Others are worried about what the arrival of asylum seekers would mean for the security in the neighborhood. "I think it's not such a good idea. I personally already do not feel really safe in the neighborhood. There are student residents next to a prison." one resident said. "I do't think it's a good idea."