Quarter of young people move back in with parents

Welcome mat (Photo: fletcherjcm/Wikimedia Commons)Welcome mat (Photo: fletcherjcm/Wikimedia Commons)

A quarter of young people who left home in 2009, went back to living with their parents within five yeas, Statistics Netherlands reported on Thursday. That is a five percent increase compared to kids who left home in 2004 and a 9 percent increase compared to 1995.

Women more often move back in with their parents than men. 26 percent of women who left home in 2009 moved back within five years, compared to 23 percent of men. According to Statistics Netherlands, this can mostly be attributed to the fact that more women leave home at an early age - the younger a person is when he or she leaves home, the greater the chance of moving back.

While women move back in with mom and dad more often, men stay longer once they're there. 48 percent of men who move back in with their parents, are still living there two years later. With women it is 37 percent.

The vast majority of young people eventually do leave their parents' house after moving back in. Of the men who moved back in in 2005, only 10 percent still lived with their parents 10 years later. Among women this was five percent.

According to Statistics Netherlands, the end of a relationship and financial problems are the most common reasons to move back in with mom and dad. About a quarter of kids that do so, do so after they broke up with a partner. And one in five do so because of financial reasons.