Two killed in Nijmegen cafe were brothers

The two men whose bodies were found in the Istanbul cafe in Nijmegen were identified as Najim Echargui (34) and his brother Othman Echargui (32). The police believe that the two Moroccan brothers were murdered, according to the Telegraaf. 

The murdered brothers were both known to the police. In February 2013 they were both involved in a shooting in Nijmegen. After an argument in a bar, Othman and Najim pursued a Mazda with three Turkish passengers. Othman drew his weapon and emptied his magazine at the car. One passenger was injured, according to the newspaper.

For this shooting Othman was convicted of three cases of attempted murder and sentenced to six years in prison. He appealed against the ruling and was awaiting the procedure in freedom when he was killed. Najim was acquitted due to lack of evidence of his involvement.

The two were found dead in cafe Istanbul in the Malvert shopping center on Monday afternoon. The police released two suspects on suspicion of involvement in the brothers' deaths. So far no information was released about the suspects' identity.

The Telegraaf finds it remarkable that Othman and Najim were found dead in a Turkish cafe and that the earlier shooting also involved Turks. But Najim's lawyer Aarnout Schadd believes that the two cases are not connected. "As long as nothing is known about the identity of the two suspects, there will only be speculation. I do not wish to participate in that. I support the survivors in processing this terrible tragedy." he said to the newspaper.