Wilders to attend U.S. Republican convention to support Trump

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PVV leader Geert Wilders plans to attend the Republican convention in the United States this summer to show his support for presidential candidate Donald Trump, he said to Dutch newspaper AD.

According to Wilders, it is inevitable that Trump will be named the Republican presidential candidate. And he has a good chance if he has to take on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in November. "He has guts, a lot of good ideas and speaks to broad groups in society", Wilders said. "Clinton may well win in the primaries, but she is incredibly unpopular with the ordinary man and woman in the U.S. I give Trump a good chance. The patriotic spring in the U.S., Europe and Netherlands is unstoppable, trust me." Other parties in The Hague are much less optimistic. Instead they are deeply concerned about the future and relations between America and Europe if Trump becomes president. "If he is elected, relations wit Europe will come under serious pressure", ChristenUnie parliamentarian Joel Voordewind said to the newspaper. "Donald Trump is totally unpredictable. And that is a very bad trait for perhaps the future commander-in-chief", VVD MP Han ten Broeke said. "Now we all hope that it's Clinton", PvdA MP Michiel Servaes added.