IOC member Camiel Eurlings back in spotlight after assault claim

Camiel Eurlings speaking at the national sports commemoration at Amsterdam's Olympic Stadium on Remembrance Day, 4 May 2016Photo: TopsportAdam

Camiel Eurlings, Dutch member of the International Olympic Committee, spoke at the sport commemoration for Remembrance Day at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam on Wednesday. 

"Nothing is as integrating as sport" Eurlings said, according to NOS. "Therefore it is important to in the future let sport play a much greater roll in the field of rationalization and integration of refugees who enter a country like the Netherlands"

Eurlings seemed to drop from public view after an ex-girlfriend accused him of assault in February. But the former politician denied this to AT5. "I was never away", he said to the broadcaster. "I'm just doing my thing, but I am less in the picture as a politician than in the pass. And that is actually good."

He would make no further comments on the assault charges. "Certainly not at this time. We are together here for something valuable today, so let us focus on that", he said to the broadcaster.