Dutch city Dordrecht “appears” in Beyonce video

Painting of Dordrecht in a Beyonce video (Photo: @hetdordts/Twitter). (Painting of Dordrecht in a Beyonce video (Photo: @hetdordts/Twitter))

Sander Paarlberg, conservator in the Dordrechts Museum, is used to seeing paintings of his city, but this last one caught him by surprise - a painting of Dordrecht can be seen in a Beyonce video.

He isn't a massive Beyonce van, Paarlberg told the Volkskrant. But I found her clip Hold Up visually truly spectacular and overwhelming. So I wanted to see the clip of Denial, and by chance I began at the intro." And then suddenly the Grote Kerk appeared in the upper right corner. "I immediately though, gosh, can it be? I of course often see views of Dordrecht, but not in such a place. I paused and zoomed in and I am really sure."

Figuring out exactly what painting it is will be more difficult. "It's hard to see, as you're looking through a filter of water in a clip that was created digitally", he explained to the newspaper. "Moreover, there are lots of views of Dordrecht, it is one of the most painted cities in the Netherlands."

Many, many artists painted the city, especially in the 19th century. These works scattered all over the world. "I regularly scour auction sites and almost every week I find one", Paarlberg said.

The painting appears around 1:22 in the upper right corner: