Some 23,000 liters of Amsterdam urine collected on King's Day

King's Day 2018 in Amsterdam
Boats parade down the inner city canals while revellers gather on the streets to celebrate King's Day in Amsterdam. Apr. 27, 2018Photo: Vlade-Mir / DepositPhotos

Some 23 thousand liters of urine was collected at three locations in Amsterdam on King's Day, a spokesperson for Waternet said to AT5. Phosphate will be extracted from the urine to be used as fertilizer.

The figures for urine collected at the Nassau Festival at the Olympic Stadium is not in yet. Waternet expects that with these figures, the total amount of urine collected will be more than 25 thousand liters.

All of the urine will be transferred to a special phosphate factory in Amsterdam West.

Amsterdam started collecting phosphate, an increasingly rare fertilizer, from sewage in 2013.