Hit and run leaves toddler dead; Teen driver turns self in

Three year old killed in hit and run accident on Veurnestraat in Breda, 27 Apr 2016 (Photo: @WillemHooijdonk/Twitter). (Three year old killed in hit and run accident on Veurnestraat in Breda, 27 Apr 2016 (Photo: @WillemHooijdonk/Twitter))

A three year old boy was killed in a hit and run accident on Veurnestraat in Breda on Wednesday afternoon. The driver, an 18 year old boy from Breda, turned himself in to the police after his car was found about 5 hours later.

Nasim was playing outside when he was hit. According to the police, the car dragged the toddler tens of meters. Emergency services sped to the scene and tried to resuscitate the boy, but it was to no avail.

The car involved in the accident was found in the Heusdenhout neighborhood around 8:30 p.m. It was seized for investigation. Half an hour later the 18 year old driver turned himself in at the police station on Mijkenbroek.

He was arrested and will be questioned on Thursday. Central questions will be why he left the scene of the accident and whether he has a license, a spokesperson for the police said to RTL Nieuws. "The investigation at the scene of the accident is done. Now we will investigate the circumstances of the accident further", he said. "We will also again speak with the people who saw the accident happen."

The boy's family is devastated. "I want to see my brother", Nasim's older brother screamed as he ran crying to the barrier tape, according to the Telegraaf. His mother rushed to the hospital where Nasim was taken. His father was in Morocco at the time of the accident. "It is incomprehensible that Nasim is gone", a family member said to the newspaper.