Amsterdam prison grounds to be converted into a thousand homes

Bijlmerbajes prison in Amsterdam (Photo: Janericloebe / Wikimedia Commons)Bijlmerbajes prison in Amsterdam (Photo: Janericloebe / Wikimedia Commons)

The Amsterdam municipality plans to turn the Bijlmerbajes prison grounds into a "new piece of city" that will include a high school and "at least a thousand homes", AT5 reports.

The Bijlmerbajes prison is closing on July 1st, after which the 135 thousand square meter grounds will be sold as a whole.

Who the property will be sold to is unclear as of yet, but the municipality does have approximate plans to which potential buyers must comply. For example, 70 percent of the area should be converted into about a thousand homes. There should also be a high school.

Potential buyers and other stakeholders will now be given opportunity to object to the municipality's plans for the grounds. After objections were considered, the plans will be submitted to the city council.

The expectation is that the sale of the grounds will be complete in 2017.