Over 20,000 Dutch homes sign up to recycle dirty diapers

Baby diaper (Photo: Kyle Flood/Wikimedia Commons)Baby diaper (Photo: Kyle Flood/Wikimedia Commons)

More than 20 thousand Dutch households signed up to participate in a trial-run in recycling dirty diapers. The first pilot project, initiated by the foundation Luierrecycling Nederland (Diaper Recycling Netherlands in English) starts in July, Z24 reports.

Participants will receive a wheelie bin specifically for dirty diapers, which the foundation will collect and recycle. The foundation is also approaching diaper manufacturers, municipalities and day cares to see if local trial runs are possible. Other collection methods, such as central collection points at day cares, are also under investigation.

The foundation is using diaper recycling technology from a German university. Dirty diapers are heated to more than 200 degrees Celsius in a pressure vessel at a pressure of 20 bar, thereby killing all germs and pharmaceutical residues. The plastic clots together in the vessel and can easily be scooped out for recycling.