Politician’s killer who stabbed sister over cookie not “completely insane”

Bart van U. implicated in the January 2015 murder of his sister Lois in RotterdamBart van U. implicated in the January 2015 murder of his sister Lois in Rotterdam

The Public Prosecutor wants prison time to be added to the sentence against Bart van U. for the murders of former politician Els Borst and his sister Lois. Last week the court declared Van U. completely unaccountable due to insanity and only imposed institutionalized psychiatric care on him.

According to the Public Prosecutor, Bart van U. is not completely insane, though he does have "strongly diminished accountability", AD reports. A suspect with strongly diminished accountability can still be given a prison sentence. The prosecutor initially demanded 8 years in prison with mandatory institutionalized psychiatric care against the man.

Bart van U. confessed to killing his sister in their home in Rotterdam in January 2015 and former Minister Els Borst in her home in Bilthoven in February 2014. According to Van U., Lois bullied him for his entire life and he decided to kill her when she offered him a cookie she knew he doesn't like. And with Minister Borst, he was on a divine mission to kill those responsible for the euthanasia law.

The Public Prosecutor believes that Van U. also had real motives for killing the two woman, a viewpoint supported by reports from the Pieter Baan Center, where Van U. was examined. The experts saw "islands of health" floating in between serious psychiatric illness, they said in the trial, according to the newspaper.


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