Norwegian man missing after night out in Amsterdam

Kay-Morten Rasmussen (Photo: Hannekes Boom/Facebook)Kay-Morten Rasmussen (Photo: Hannekes Boom/Facebook)

Friends, family and the police are looking for 27-year-old Kay-Morten Rasmussen, who went missing in Amsterdam early on Saturday morning. 

Rasmussen, a Norwegian man whose been living and working in Amsterdam for years, was last seen around 3:00 a.m. on Saturday at Hannekes Boom - a waterfront cafe near the library, the Nemo museum and the Muziekgebouw in the city center.

Since then there's been no trace of him. Police were searching the canals near the cafe late Wednesday afternoon.

Friend and colleague Nena told Metro Nieuws that his passport is still at his home and his bicycle was found standing at Hannekes Boom on Monday. "He therefore did not leave for Norway in a rush", she said.

According to Nena, Rasmussen is not the type of guy that would just get up and leave, without telling anyone.

Rasmussen has blond hair, a beard, blue eyes and is about 1.77 meters tall. He was wearing a black shirt when he was last seen.

"Should you see or know anything, please contact Nena or Wendy, or of course the police if that makes you feel more comfortable", Hannekes Boom, the cafe where he was last seen, writes in a call for information on Facebook.


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