Cockpit smoke forces emergency landing at Groningen airport

Groningen Airport Eelde (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Jcb)Groningen Airport Eelde (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Jcb)

An airplane made an emergency landing at Groningen Airport Eelde on Tuesday morning after the pilots noticed smoke in the cabin. The plane landed safely and all passengers were evacuated.

Emergency services from Haren, Eelde, Groningen, Assen and Vries responded to the site en masse, AD reports. The situation was escalated to a Grip 2.

The airport is temporarily closed to other air traffic as a precaution.

According to safety office Veiligheidsregio Drenthe, the plane is a Stobart Air flight from Drenthe. There were 8 people on board. No one was injured.

The cause of the smoke in the cockpit is still unknown. The airline is investigating.