Study: Closing all coal plants to bring in 4.7 billion euros

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Closing all power plants in the Netherlands will mean 1.9 billion euros in lost revenue for energy companies, but bring in 4.7 billion euros in extra wealth for the country, according to a study done by SEO Economic Research on behalf of environmental organization Natuur & Milieu, ANP reports.

The extra wealth mostly comes from the fact that there will be fewer expenses to repair damage to public heath and the environment, according to the study.

For the average Dutch household, closing all coal fired power plants will mean an average increase of 13 euros per year to their energy bills.

According to the researchers, closing the coal plants will have hardly any effect on security of supply or employment opportunities. The Netherlands has sufficient energy sources to cover supply and the employment opportunities will shift to other sectors within a few years.

The Netherlands currently has five running coal plants, of which the government is considering closing two. In that case, gas-fired plants will take over some of the coal plants' production.