Leaked Holleeder docs back online

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The Public Prosecutor is back in court on Friday trying to get leaked testimony by criminal Willem Holleeder and his sisters Sonja and Astrid off the internet. After the court ordered crime site VIinderscrime.nl to remove the documents from their site, a private person named Sebastiaan Beens put the documents on his own site. 

According to the Prosecutor, it could seriously damage the investigation into Holleeder's role in a number of assassinations if other potential witnesses are able to read what has been stated before they are questioned, NU.nl reports.

Beens' lawyer, Sebas Diekstra, believes his client did nothing wrong. He obtained the information from public sources and they were already published by Vlinderscrime.nl. "For reasons of principle he does not want to take the files off his site."

Holleeder is being prosecutor for his involvement in numerous criminal assassinations, including that of Cor van Hout in 2003, Willem Endstra in 2004, Kees Houtman and John Mieremet in 2005 and Thomas van der Bijl in 2006.