Warning issued over hacking software

The police are concerned about the growing availability and range of "hacking software" - software used to commit cybercrime. This software is easily and readily available, Rob van Bree of the National Police's cybercrime division, said in an interview with the Telegraaf.

"It's 'cybercrime as a service. Software packages for hacking websites, phishing and 'ransomware', with which a company's data can be held hostage, are easier to buy and in a growing range", Van Bree said to the newspaper.

"The offering of the software is a thorn in the side for us. The crimes committed with it touches society in a very poignant way. Criminals almost literally penetrate your home or business. At a distance they can rob you of everything", Van Bree continued. "Before, you had to build software for these activities yourself, now you can buy it on the internet."