Leaked docs show crime boss Holleeder blaming sisters in homicide cases

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Leaked documents from the so-called Passage-process show crime boss Willem Holleeder accusing his sisters of drug trafficking. The Public Prosecutor is investigating the leak.

The leaked documents involves transcripts of interrogations. According to Holleeder, sister Astrid used a "mole" to get judicial information on him and give it through to him. And sister Sonja managed his "treasury". He also claims that both sisters were involved in transporting and storing the proceeds of drug trafficking, NU.nl.

This seems to be an attempt by Holleeder to criminally compromise his sisters and to discredit them as witnesses. The two women decided last year to testify against their brother. 

In the interrogations Holleeder also talks about the leaders in the Dutch underworld. He states that he and Lucas Boom, assassinated last year, were working together in the drug trade. He "invested" in Boom's drug trafficking and often got several hundred percent profits back. The day before his arrest in 2014, he claims to have received 85 thousand euros for his part in Boom's trafficking ring.

Holleeder is currently facing trial for his involvement in several murders related to the Amsterdam criminal underworld. The Public Prosecutor promised to investigate this leak. "This is unheard of and very harmful to all suspects, witnesses and other parties involved", a spokesperson said to Hart van Nederland. "This is bad for justice."