Report: Netherlands police tactical units “overworked”

Dutch police Arrest team
File photo of a Dutch police arrest team (photo: Politie)File photo of a Dutch police arrest team (photo: Politie)

The police's Special Intervention Service, the counterterrorism unit, lost confidence in the police leadership. They are overworked and feel that money reserved for the unit is never invested in it, the Telegraaf reported on Friday. Police chief Erik Akkerboom will visit the National Unit on Friday to investigate these claims.

According to the Telegraaf, the counterterrorism unit in particular has problems with unit chiefs Dick Pijl and Theo van der Plas, accusing them of "abuse of power" and "setting people against each other".

One source told the newspaper that the people in the Special Intervention Service "are the most loyal and motivated personnel in the police. If they are grumbling, something must be really wrong. They are not complainers. They are structurally overtaxed and the work stress and dissatisfaction begin to take their toll."

They also complain about a lack of materials and that private information is not protected.

Police Chief Erik Akerboom will visit the National Unit on Friday to investigate these claims and talk with the aggrieved officers, the police announced on their website.

Police union ACP is very concerned about these claims and wants clarity on the matter as soon as possible. "These colleagues are very busy and urgently need to have more colleagues and equipment at their disposal. We quickly want clarity on his. We will start a discussion with the corpse management as quickly as possible to see how this can be solved." chairman Gerrit van de Kamp said to broadcaster NOS.