DNA evidence re-examined in 1995 rape, murder

DNA evidence found in the 1995 rape and murder of Nicole van den Hurk, will be re-analyzed in New-Zealand using a new method. The intent is that this reexamination will provide clarity on whether or not the DNA belongs to 48-year-old suspect Jos de G., ED reports.

The problem with the DNA evidence in this case is that DNA of at least three people were found in a trace of semen. The Public Prosecutor believes that one of those people is Jos de G. But as DNA experts disagreed on the conclusions drawn from the evidence, this third expert was appointed to examine the reliability of the DNA evidence.

This will be done with a relatively new program developed in Australia and New Zealand. It is a mathematical and statistical method, instead of a laboratory technique, which can be used if DNA of several individuals are found on one piece of trace evidence.

According to the newspaper, this will be the first time this method is used in a Dutch case.