Dozens of deer shot to curb animal population

Fallow deer (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/David Paloch). (Fallow deer (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/David Paloch))

The first few dozen fallow deer were shot in Amsterdam's Waterleiding dunes these past weeks. This was done in an effort to curb the population and protect biodiversity in the area. About 3,800 deer live in the dunes.

For years animal rights activists tried to stop the killing of these animals, but earlier this month the court ruled against them. Over the past weeks rangers shot 50 deer a week.

According to AT5, Tuesday was the last day of deer hunting for the season. Rangers will not shoot the animals in the summer, because the hinds are pregnant.

The rangers will pick up their guns again in autumn. The goal is to reduce the fallow deer population in the dunes to 800.

"This has nothing to do with hunting. This is simply efficient management. Just reaching the numbers", Waternet manager Leo van Breukelen said to AT5.