Suspect stabbed sister over snacks he didn't like; God made him kill political leader

Bart van U. implicated in the January 2015 murder of his sister Lois in RotterdamBart van U. implicated in the January 2015 murder of his sister Lois in Rotterdam

Bart van U. is disappointed that he had to kill former politician Els Borst, but he was on a "divine mission" to "kill those who made the euthanasia law". When it came to the murder of his sister Lois, the last straw was when she gave him a dessert snack knowing he doesn't like it, he said in court on Tuesday, according to AD reporter Victor Schildkamp tweeting live from within the courtroom.

Van U. told the court that God gave him his "divine mission" when he was seven years old, and it ruled his life ever since. When he got to Borst's house on the day of her murder in February 2014, he asked her for Wim Kok's address, but she refused. "I was angry and disappointed and thought: now the devil is playing a game", he said to court.

He could no longer resist the urge to kill her and stabbed her with a knife multiple times. "It was a kind of relief. This is what I had to do." he said. He told the court that his mission confused him, and that he wished it could have been different, that he hoped God would kill her himself. "I'd rather have run away, but God said not to. Until Els Borst's last breath. I saw her die."

Van U. understands that Borst's death will not change the euthanasia law. "But at least there is now a signal that some things can not be allowed." He refused to say what he did with the murder weapon.

About a year after Borst's death, Bart van U. killed his sister Lois. According to him, religion did not play a role in Lois' death. He does, however, add that Lois wanted to euthanize him and that he was scared of her. 

"I wanted to be rid of her, I wanted to be rid of the situation, of the harassment", Van U. said about the murder of his sister. The last straw came when his sister offered him a flat spongecake dessert treat called "eierkoeken". "She knows I don't like them", he said to court. He then stabbed her, pushed her down the stairs and "tied her to the banister".

A short time later, Van U. sought a psychiatrist. "I killed two people. Maybe he'd have insight on what I had to do". Van U. stated that he was angry at Lois and felt that it was her life or his.

Van U.'s other sister, Sara, also took a chance to speak. She read a victim statement on behalf of sixteen of his relatives. "For years we devoted ourselves to the necessary care for him. In our worst nightmares we never thought of this climax. We believe this sad and not to be fixed situation could have been prevented. The conclusions of the report presented by the Hoekstra committee also makes this painfully obvious."