Football stadiums “relatively” safe from attacks says FIFA security boss

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Football stadiums are "relatively" safe and the terrorist attacks in Brussels will have no direct consequences for football matches, according to Will van Rhee, security expert at FIFA.

"I've said it before: a stadium is a relatively safe place. You have access to access control photos, police, cameras. With proper organization, it is almost impossible to get in", he said to broadcaster NOS. He adds that a stadium is not a logical attack target for terrorists, despite the failed attack at Stade de France in November last year. "There are plenty of places with many people that area easier the hit, like airports, metro stations, markets and nightclubs."

Van Rhee thinks that the European Championship should definitely be played in France next summer, as planned. "These terrorists want to destabilize society. My opinion is very clear: Let life continue as it is." he said to the broadcaster.