Brussels attack likely to hurt Netherlands tourism sector

Travel agencies in the Netherlands area concerned that the terrorist attacks in Brussels on Tuesday will lead to mass cancellations of booked holidays. "The terrorist threat is getting very close for people now. More and more people are afraid to take the plan or the train to go abroad", Frank Oostdam of ANVR said to the Telegraaf. 

According to Oostdam, travel agencies are being flooded with calls after the bombings on Tuesday. Consumers are concerned about their trips. Tour operators and travel agencies will have to be more flexible about people wanting to cancel their vacation or change the date or location this week, he said.

People still want to go on vacation, despite their concerns, Oostdam said to "But attacks are not conducive to travel behavior, we are concerned about that. Consumer confidence is increasing again, but due to the recent attacks, we are seeing falling numbers yet again."


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