Dutch men survive deadly bus accident in Spain

Ambulances in Spain (Photo: Rastrojo/Wikimedia Commons)Ambulances in Spain (Photo: Rastrojo/Wikimedia Commons)

Update 11:25 a.m.: According to the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs, there were three Dutch on the bus, not two. The third Dutch person also survived the crash, though it is not clear whether or not he/she was injured.

Dutch students Joost Opstelten and Kees Schouten survived a fatal bus crash in Spain on Sunday morning unharmed. At least 13 people were killed and some 40 others injured. Joost and Kees were the only two Dutch on board.

The accident happened early on Sunday Morning near the Spanish city of Tarragona. After an about 100 kilometer straight stretch of road, there is a sudden turn. It is here where the driver lost control of the wheel. About 40 of the total 60 passengers had to go to the hospital for treatment. At least 13 were killed.

"Hi dad. Don't worry. I was on the bus that crashed, but am unharmed. I'm going to sleep now", was the message 23 year old Dennis sent to his parents, his father told the Gelderlander. His parents hadn't heard about the crash yet, but was very relieved by the message when they saw footage on the news. "Then unharmed sounds reassuring, but at the same time you can not believe he was completely unhurt. That's just bizarre", father Schouten said to the newspaper.

Dennis was sitting at the back of the bus and was one of the first who managed to climb out through a hole wen the bus came to a stop. He is completely fine and realizes how lucky he is.

The same is true for 23 year old Joost Opstelten, his father Wim said to the newspaper. "it was terrible, I understood from him. Passengers were covered in blood, there was panic. Many people were screaming", Wim said. Joost also managed to get out of the bus on his own. "This is almost unimaginable, but we are very grateful that it went so well for him."

Both Dutch are in Spain for six months for an exchange program. They and a group of other international students at the University of Bacelona traveled to Valencia for a fireworks festival. The accident happened on the way back.