Rotterdam crime going deeper underground says prosecutor

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Rotterdam saw a decrease in crime over the past year, but at least part of this decrease can be attributed to more crime going deeper underground, the Public Prosecutor in the city announced with the annual figures on Tuesday.

"For we know that many forms of crime became less visible, particularly on the internet", prosecutor Marc van Nimwegen said. There is an increase in criminal money earned via digital paths. "A generation is growing up that knows the way in cyberspace by nature and some eminently look for the devious routes."

Last year 19,672 crimes were reported, a drop of more than 3 thousand compared to the 22,909 crimes reported in 2014. But the Prosecutor emphasizes that this does not mean their job is getting quieter or easier.

Because as some crime is going deeper under ground, other crimes are becoming increasingly visible. The use of automatic firearms is on the increase, as well as threats from violent jihadism.