Sexual abuse charges pressed against Dolphinarium

A dolphin in the Dolphinarium in Hardewijk (Photo: @Dolfinarium/Twitter)A dolphin in the Dolphinarium in Hardewijk (Photo: @Dolfinarium/Twitter)

Leonie Vestering, provincial leader of animal party PvdD, pressed charges against the dolphinarium in Hardewijk for sexually abusing the animals in their charge.

Last week television Rambam broadcast footage of caregivers sexually gratifying dolphins at the zoo. According to the Dolphinarium, this is to "de-stress" the animals and the ejaculation is used in the context of a European breeding program.

But according to Vestering, the law does not permit this. "This morning pressed charges against the Dolphinarium because of sex with animals", she tweeted on Wednesday. "Crime under Article 254 of the penal code."

The politician is pressing charges in her personal capacity, not on behalf of the PvdD, according to NU.