DuPont now under investigation for toxic chemical exposure

DuPont water tower in Dordrecht (Photo: Willemjans/Wikimedia Commons)DuPont water tower in Dordrecht (Photo: Willemjans/Wikimedia Commons)

The Inspectorate for Social Affairs and Employment launched an investigation into working conditions at the DuPont plant in Dordrecht following reports of employees being exposed to toxic chemicals, a spokesperson confirmed to news wire ANP.

Employees at the plant are demanding that the company pay for blood tests to make sure that they are okay. Over the weekend EenVandaag reported that DuPont employees have unacceptably high levels of toxic substance C8 in their blood after working with it for years. Up until 2012 C8 was used to make Teflon.

"We will first look at how they work and whether it complies with regulations. We will also examine past work processes", the spokesperson said to ANP. The Inspectorate will also look at blood tests DuPotn performed on their employees, which EenVandaag used for its broadcast.

These blood tests were done due to concerns about health effects working with C8 could have on the staff. Concerns that were never reported to the Inspectorate.


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